Nouvelles Recettes (New recipes)


CD-Nouvelles_RecettesIn this album the band puts to the test a mix that became its “signature sound”: jazz in klezmer.
The choice made between the instruments clearer.
When the drums are traditionally represented/included in both jazz and klezmer orchestras, the Gefilte Swing are one of the few klezmer orchestras in France to include them.
On the other hand, despite/ our classical representation of a klezmer orchestra, there is no violin.

Voice: Muriel H. / Trumpet: Laurent Vassort / Clarinet, sax, arrangements: Alexandre Litwak / accordion: Philippe Zech / Tuba: Yann Quéméré/ Drums: Laure Berthaume / Recorded and mixed in October 2006 at the Funkastique Studio by “Dr Mac” Noeppel. Design: Claudia Tortello, Photo: Cécile Stassi.


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