They talk about it too …

– Actualités juive / Monique Feldstein, june 2019
« The result is simply delicious (…) A type of revisionist music that is the mark of Klezmer (…) A must for your record collection. »
– Paris Move / Patrick Dallongeville, june 2019
« Beyond their retro approach (minus the mothballs), they perpetuate in our century a richly exhilarating tradition.Should anyone ask you one day just what is pure klezmer, you can only laugh: like jazz and the blues, it simply does not exist ! »
– Adem (Association for the development of musical awakening), september 2019
« An astonishing mixture, very pleasant with some funny moment. (…) Share this time travel with your friends and family. »
– New Folk Sounds / Dries Delrue, Article in dutch, august 2019
« If the klezmer and yiddish song revival appears to be behind us, this Gefilte Swing CD clearly places the genre on the frontlines of the musical scene. Klez N’ Zazou”is a CD to cherish. »
– Augustin Bondou & Patrick Frémaux
« Their nonchalant approach, rooted in the Zazou’s will to live life to the fullest, getting by on swing regardless of the cost, offers us a generous and reinvigorating hedonistic music. (note – the Zazou, French equivalent of our 1940s’ Zoot-Suiter) »

– Bruno Guermonprez / Jazz News Magazine, september 2019
« Gefilte Swing perfectly unites those zones of influence that never bend to tradition, enthusiastically finding their place in today’s world.»
– Blues & Rhythm / Norman Darwen, october 2019
« If your taste leans towards swing or klezmer,or maybe, as i said, if you just want something rather different, try and give it a listen. »

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